It is difficult to say one is a self-taught artist having attended art school and known some very incredible artists and mentors! We are always influenced and through practice find our own way.

Having not kept track of shows or any major gallery representation I am remiss to recount a Curriculum vitae than to offer the artworks themselves. 

I have travelled across Canada, in the US, Mexico, and lived in Africa (the Democratic Republic of the Congo for 4+ years. I have met a myriad of wonderfully diverse people who have moved my being and subsequently encouraged growth and creative expression. 

After living on one of the Gulf islands for 24 years, this journey, whereof having made gardens professionally throughout the years in many places, volunteer service and active as a practicing artist since childhood, finds me retiring close to nature and it's creatures for the sensibility that is shared and may infuse my work.

Presently living in Garden Bay on the Sunshine Coast, B.C. Canada, I annually show in a lovely garden-studio setting. This is very gratifying. Thank you for visiting.